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Root Canal Alternatives

We explore every possibility to protect a vital tooth and talk about what to do when a tooth has died.

ceramic implants

Superior in form and function, biocompatible zirconia implants are our top choice for health centered patients.

silent infection

The mouth can harbor pockets of silent infection, such as cavitations/FDOJ. We address infection in all forms.

safe mercury removal

We’re SMART certified and follow stringent safety measures to prevent increased mercury exposure during filling replacement.

bone building

We work with your body’s healing potential by leveraging autologous bone grafting for optimal results.

tmj / jaw pain / headaches

Harmony in the bite is essential for systemic oral health; pain and wear can be signs of an underlying biomechanical imbalance.

Your health is my first priority. Biological dentistry is the scientific practice of treating patients in a comprehensive way while removing inflammatory sources that stem from the oral cavity. The toxic environment we live in is growing and chronic disease is escalating at an alarming rate. Biological dentistry offers the ability to safely reduce inflammation and remove toxicity from the areas so close to our body’s most vital neural network, our brain. Fortunately there is more information than ever regarding the methods and procedures of Biological Dentistry, and the literature is growing thanks to our partners at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic led by Dr. Volz and many other contributors. Together we are building the science for better patient health.

As a passionate advocate for patient health, I am committed to continuing this movement and providing my patients with safe, effective and life changing dental treatment.

– Dr. Corbin Popp


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A great example of the Swiss Biohealth Concept; removing all failing dentistry and inflammatory sites with placement of immediate Zirconia SDS implants.

journal of oral surgery

Dr. Corbin Popp, Biological Dentist, Denver Co, USA, Dr. Rebekka Hueber, leader dpeartment of biologcial dentistry, Swiss Biohealth Clinic, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

Case Report: Immediate vs Late Implantation

SBH All-in-One Concept rehabilitates patient’s functionally and aesthetically and restores their quality of life and health.


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